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Manchester Wedding Music Cost Guide: Affordable & Quality Entertainment Prices

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

  • All-in-One Wedding Entertainment: Explore a comprehensive package that includes live instrumental music, vocal performances, and a DJ set, offering a diverse and engaging experience for your wedding.

  • Affordable Quality: Discover how you can enjoy premium wedding entertainment in Manchester at a fraction of the cost of traditional bands, with prices significantly lower than the average band fees.

  • Personalized Musical Experience: Learn about the flexibility in tailoring the music to your preferences, ensuring your wedding playlist reflects your personal style and favorite tunes.

  • Reliable and Seamless Service: Understand the benefits of a professional approach to sound and lighting, along with contingency plans for equipment, ensuring a smooth and memorable celebration.

Unlocking the Secret to an Unforgettable Wedding

Alright, let's cut to the chase. You're planning your big day in Manchester and want the music to be just perfect. But here’s the kicker – you don’t want to spend a small fortune on it, right? Well, you’re in luck!

Meet JB Wedding Music - Your All-in-One Music Maestro

Now, I've seen a lot of wedding bands and DJs, but JB Wedding Music? They're something else. This isn't just about having someone strum a guitar or spin a few tracks. It’s about creating an experience that stays with you and your guests forever.

Here's What You Get with JB Wedding Music

  • Ceremony Serenade: Instrumental guitar or piano to make your "I do" moment even more magical.

  • Reception Rhythms: Light, airy tunes to mingle and toast to during the drinks reception.

  • Soulful Sets: Two 45-minute sessions of live singing, bringing a personal touch to your celebration.

  • First Dance Fantasy: A live performance that turns your first dance into a cinematic moment.

  • All the Bells and Whistles: PA system and lights to amp up the speeches and ambiance.

  • DJ to Keep the Party Jumping: A 3-hour set to end the night on a high note.

All this? Just £699.

"But Isn't a Live Band Better?"

Let me tell you something. A typical function band in Greater Manchester will set you back anywhere from £1000 for a 3-piece band to a whopping £1200-£1500 for a 4-piece. And that's just the starting price, not counting the extras. JB Wedding Music offers an additional extra of a full band for the "soulful sets" listed above for just an extra £400

Why JB Wedding Music Stands Out

  • Cost-Effective: It's not just a bargain; it's a steal for the quality and range you get.

  • Versatility: From the soft strums of a guitar to the energy-packed DJ set, they’ve got all bases covered.

  • Personalized Experience: They tune into your story and preferences, making every performance about you.

A Hypothetical Scenario

Imagine this: A wedding where the band takes a break and the energy dips. Now picture JB Wedding Music seamlessly transitioning from live music to DJ sets. No lulls, just non-stop enjoyment.

What You Need to Do

  • Book Early: Trust me, they’re in high demand.

  • Share Your Vision: Talk to them about your music likes and dislikes.

  • Sit Back and Enjoy: Watch them transform your wedding into the talk of the town.

Bottom Line

Your wedding deserves nothing but the best. With JB Wedding Music, you're not just saving money; you're elevating your wedding to a whole new level of awesome. So, why overpay for a traditional band when you can have it all – and then some – with JB Wedding Music?

Frequently Asked Questions

How Customisable is JB Wedding Music's Playlist for Our Wedding?

Extremely! JB Wedding Music thrives on personalising your experience. Share your favorite songs or the mood you're going for, and watch them tailor their performance to fit your unique style.

Will JB Wedding Music Handle All Aspects of Sound and Lighting?

Absolutely. The package includes not only their musical talent but also a professional PA and lighting system. This ensures top-notch sound quality for the music and clarity for speeches, all while creating the perfect atmosphere.

What Makes JB Wedding Music a Better Choice Compared to a Traditional Wedding Band?

The versatility and affordability set them apart. For less than the cost of a typical function band, you get a comprehensive package that includes live instrumental music, vocal performances, and a DJ set, offering a full spectrum of entertainment.

Is There a Backup Plan in Case of Equipment Failure?

Definitely. JB Wedding Music comes prepared with backup equipment to ensure your event goes smoothly, no matter what. You can relax knowing that they have all contingencies covered.

Can JB Wedding Music Accommodate Special Requests for Our First Dance?

He sure can. Whether it's a specific song or a particular version of a track, he's more than happy to accommodate special requests, making your first dance as a married couple truly memorable.

How Far in Advance Do We Need to Book JB Wedding Music?

The sooner, the better. Given his popularity and value, the calendar fills up quickly, especially during peak wedding seasons. To ensure their availability for your special day, it’s recommended to book as early as possible.

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