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2024 North West Wedding Music: Compare Band & DJ Prices from Top Agencies

Updated: Jan 31

  • Wide Range of Wedding Music Choices: Options vary from acoustic instrumentals to lively DJ sets, each adding a unique flavour to the wedding.

  • Expected Costs for Music Services: Prices range from £280-£500 for acoustic instrumentalists, £360-£550 for solo singers, £1000-£1700 for 3-piece bands, £1300-£2500 for 4-piece bands, and £490-£900 for DJs.

  • Budgeting and Mixing Music Types: Effective budgeting is essential; consider mixing different music types (e.g., instrumentalist for ceremony, DJ for reception) and be aware of potential hidden costs like travel and equipment hire.

  • Agency vs Direct Booking: Agencies offer a variety of choices but charge extra fees, while direct bookings can be more personal and cost-effective, with total average costs ranging from £1,410 (solo singer, instrumentalist, DJ) to around £3,060 for a 4-piece band with instrumentalist and DJ.

Understanding the Landscape

When it comes to wedding music, there's a sea of choices. From soulful acoustic instrumentals to lively DJ sets, each brings its own flavour. Let's dive into what you need to know.

Price Tags: What to Expect

Based on recent surveys from top agencies, the cost landscape looks like this:

  • Acoustic Instrumentalist: Ranges from £280 to £500.

  • Solo Acoustic Singer: You're looking at about £360 to £550.

  • 3-Piece Band: Typically between £1000 and £1700.

  • 4-Piece Band: These can set you back £1300 to £2500.

  • DJ: Averages around £490 to £900.

Below is a table comparing 7 of the biggest UK Wedding Music Agencies and their average prices for different wedding music options

Why This Matters

  • Budgeting Brilliance: Knowing these prices helps you budget effectively. Remember, music can make or break your day, so invest wisely.

  • Mix & Match Magic: Don't shy away from mixing types of music. A guitarist for the ceremony and a DJ for the party? Why not!

  • Hidden Costs: Always ask about additional fees. Travel costs and equipment hire can add up.

Understanding Total Costs for Your Wedding Music

Budgeting for your wedding music is a critical step. Let’s break down the total average costs based on the options we've discussed: If you're considering a solo singer, a 3-piece band, or a 4-piece band, along with an acoustic instrumentalist and a DJ, here’s what the numbers could look like:

  • Solo Singer, Instrumentalist, and DJ: This combination averages around £1,410 (£451 for the singer, £363 for the instrumentalist, and £598 for the DJ).

  • 3-Piece Band, Instrumentalist, and DJ: Opting for a 3-piece band instead, the total average cost is about £2,700.

  • 4-Piece Band, Instrumentalist, and DJ: Choosing a 4-piece band brings the total to approximately £3,060

Agency or Direct Booking?

  • Agencies: They offer a wide variety of choices and handle all the details.

  • Direct Booking: This usually means a more personal connection with your artist.

Price Comparison: What's the Real Deal?

  • Agency Fees: Remember, agencies take their fee from what the artist charges. These are typically 15-25% of the listed price.

  • Direct Deals: Booking directly often means a better price as there are no middleman fees. For a stress free occasion the professionalism of the musician(s) is paramount. This is where JB Wedding Music comes in.

Making Your Wedding Melody Unforgettable with JB Wedding Music

"Nothing quite matches the value and quality that JB Wedding Music brings to your special day"

Unbeatable Pricing

With JB Wedding Music, you're not just getting a service; you're getting an experience. Instead of hiring lots of different musicians from different agencies, let JB Wedding Music take care of everything. Let's crunch some numbers:

  • The Complete Package: For just £699, JB Wedding Music offers a comprehensive music package. This includes instrumental music for your ceremony and drinks reception, two sets of solo acoustic live singing, a live performance for your first dance, and a full DJ set.

  • The Complete Package Plus - Upgrade the two solo sets of acoustic singing to a 3 piece band for just an extra £400

  • Comparing the Costs: When you look at the average costs from top agencies - £280-£500 for an instrumentalist, £360-£550 for a solo singer, and £490-£900 for a DJ, the savings are clear. Even a 3-piece band averages around £1000-£1700, and a 4-piece band can set you back £1300-£2500.

  • The key consultation - All packages come with a one hour consultation to get together with JB Wedding Music way in advance of the occasion to plan out your perfect music for your perfect day

Why It's a Steal

  • Quality without the Cost: JB Wedding Music offers a complete musical journey for your wedding at a fraction of the price you would pay for separate acts.

  • Personal Touch: The one-on-one consultation ensures that every note played resonates with your personal love story.

With JB Wedding Music, you're not just making a cost-effective choice; you're choosing a musical journey that's rich in quality and personalisation. It's about making your special day resonate with every heartbeat and every dance step. Dive into the world of JB Wedding Music – where your wedding melodies become unforgettable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Book Through an Agency or Directly With an Artist?

Agencies offer convenience and a wide selection, but at a higher cost due to their fees. Direct bookings can be more budget-friendly and allow for a more personal connection with the artist.

What Are the Hidden Costs I Should Be Aware of?

Always inquire about potential hidden costs like travel expenses, equipment hire, and any additional fees for extended playing times. There are no hidden costs in JB Wedding Music packages.

How Can I Ensure Quality When Booking Directly?

Look for artists with good reviews and solid experience. A professional artist like JB Wedding Music often provides consultations to discuss and plan your music, ensuring a high-quality, personalised service.

Can JB Wedding Music Perform a Specific Song for Our First Dance?

Absolutely! JB Wedding Music specialises in personalising your experience, so feel free to request your special song for a live performance during your first dance.

Is the DJ Playlist Customisable?

Yes, the DJ set is completely tailored to your preferences. You can collaborate with JB Wedding Music to create a playlist that perfectly suits your taste and the mood you want to set for your wedding.

What Does the £699 Package Include?

This all-inclusive package covers instrumental music for the ceremony and drinks reception, two live singing sets, a live first dance performance, PA and lights (which can also be used for speeches) and up to a 3-hour DJ set.

Is a Deposit Required to Book JB Wedding Music?

Yes, a deposit of £100 is required to secure your booking. This is a standard practice in the wedding entertainment industry to guarantee your date.

Can We Meet JB Wedding Music Before Our Wedding?

Certainly! It's always a good idea to meet and discuss your specific requirements and preferences to tailor the music to your special day. Every package comes with a one hour consultation for us to get together and plan the perfect music for your perfect day!

Remember, your wedding music is a crucial part of your day. Whether you choose a band, a DJ, or a versatile service like JB Wedding Music, make sure it aligns with your vision and creates the perfect atmosphere for your celebration.

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